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    Dezhou Hongkun Polymer Additives Co., Ltd, is the leading producer and supplier of polymer additives in China. Our sales center is located in Qingdao City, Shandong, with the manufacturing center located in Dezhou City, Shandong, and having R&D center in Sichuan University. Since established from 2003, we have been dedicated to the polymer additives’ research, development, manufacturing and application, providing to plenty of important global polymer producers with our stable and thorough solution to weathering endurance. Leading by GRANDSORB light stabilizers, Hongkun’s products have been supplying to European, American, Japanese, Korean markets, and keeping an outstanding reputation in the industry.


    Dezhou Hongkun has been consistent to practice the modern managing philosophy, with all the complete and necessary certificates and licenses in compliance in laws and regulations. Hongkun established an impeccable internal management system, and approved by ISO 9001,ISo 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality systems.

    Hongkun’s Operation and Management Structure


    Persisting in the attitude of DESGES (Development, Energy Saving, Green, Environmental, Sustainability), Hongkun has been putting great efforts into the environmental protection and technology innovation. With the convoy of advanced and efficient VOCs and biochemical waste treatment systems, our plant has been able to keep the professional and stable operation constently. In 2016, we were recommended by Dezhou municipal government to be elected as the ‘Top 100 Most Advanced Enterprises’. While focusing on the development of our own, Hongkun also makes every endeavor to achieve developments for the local community.


    Integrity, is where Hongkun stand
    Responsibility, is what Hongkun maintain
    Fairness, Justice, Openness, is how Hongkun achieve